The Lighting Bolt Trip Logging Software

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Priced $18.00 per/mth - 12 month contract = $ 216.00 per device tracked

Flexible Logging Parameters

The Lighting Bolt trip logging is flexible and can be configured to log based on a variety of parameters including:

  • Elapsed time
  • Distance traveled
  • Change in heading
  • Change in speed
  • When stationary
  • Accelerometer events (harsh driving)

Accident and Rollover Detection

The Lighting Bolt uses the built-in accelerometer to detect high G impacts such as accidents and rollovers and reports these events to the server for emergency alerting.

Harsh Driving

The Lighting Bolt automatically calibrates its built-in 3 axis accelerometer and uses this to detect harsh driving events:

  • Excessive acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Cornering at speed

These events are logged along with additional event statistics that allow back-end server platforms to perform sophisticated driver profiling and scoring.

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