IoT- SpaceSense.Systems  has always been at the forefront of technology. Hardware has always been a little behind, then suddenly there is a product that really meets the criteria of simple to deploy, is cost effective, integrates well, does what it is intended to do.

SpaceSense Bluetooth Tags and Wi-Fi Gateways integrated into IoT cloud based facilities management and Automation solutions, provides and meets your needs.

SpaceSense provides, not only Asset or Human location functions, but uses this data, integrated into your systems and production workflows, allowing you to gain control, compliance and visibility.

Other “Tracking” RTLS location systems only show visibility of “what is” with very little production control and management.

Space Sense moves pass the “where is” to the Production Control and Condition Monitoring i.e. how it should be done -> where, when and processing” real time alerts and user interactive information reducing overheads, managing utilization, synchronizing workflows against quality and compliance systems -> Automating your existing workflow tools increasing visibility-> Compliance -> Efficiency -> save $, Time and avoiding near miss events. Managing Mean time before Failure control and visualization.

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