Asset Management

SX3 Asset Tracking & Production Control Solution

An entire facility can be outfitted with our Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Gateways or GPS/LoRaWAN, to efficiently and cost effectively manage the location of every beacon (Asset), in real time, with a production or logistics workflow.

Dynamically Expand Your Network Reach

Depending on the requirement your network, assets can be dynamically expanded via SX3 Private Verizon Cellular Network.

Create Geo-fences

(Alerts) to help track items/assets/ people in and out of specific areas or locations.

Production Quality Control Mechanism

Manage production location control – interface with your asset or production systems for quality control and improved throughput.

History and Auditing

History of movement which can be used to study trend lines and for predictive analysis. All this, with minimal hardware constraints, quick and easy deployment and low cost of ownership.

Space Sense: A Competitive Advantage

Using Low Cost – LiteDeploy™ BLE/LoRaWAN/GPS Devices leading technologies that are being used by SX3 – Whereas historically  RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] and Barcoding have been used, which each have benefits, they also have several shortcomings.

With Barcoding, an item (or box or pallet) fundamentally must be scanned into or out of a location, and even then, its true location isn’t necessarily known. Similarly, with RFID (both active and passive) the item must come into close proximity of a (typically very expensive to deploy) RFID reader, usually at a choke point for its location to be known.

interior of a warehouse

Unlocking Space in Time