SX3 .Vision

Video Analytics Solution Modules

Face, Parking, Retail, Security, Traffic

Award-winning, enterprise grade Video Analytics in easy-to-use solution packages!

Learning scenes and objects with cutting-edge algorithms, GPU acceleration for maximum efficiency, comprehensive set of event rules, and integrations with 3rd party systems enable SX3.Vision to meet the most challenging intelligent video requirements.


Our robust and reliable Video Analytics are now available in four custom packages to best fit your application requirements:

  • SX3.Vision Parking
  • SX3.Vision Security
  • SX3.Vision Retail
  • SX3.Vision Traffic
  • SX3.Vision Face

With our custom modules you only pay for features you use!

These new modular packages offer wide range of events and maximum flexibility. Any of the four modules can be combined to provide the best solution that meets any requirement. To use a camera for customer counting during the day and doubling as a security camera at night, SX3.Vision Security module can easily be added to the SX3.Vision Retail module. 

Unlocking Space in Time