Waste Level Monitoring

SX3 provides 2 types of ultrasonic sensors that are able to monitor any type of waste in bins of various type and size. 

They are robust, water and shock resistant and can be connected to all currently available IoT networks and/or GMS

Built on Quality and Resistance

Measurement Four ultrasonic beams
Connectivity GSM / NB-IoT / LoRaWAN

The sensors are ultrasonic, robust, water and shock resistant, fully functional within wide temperature range, and are set to measure from 15 cm up to 400 cm. 

The sensors can monitor any type of waste in containers of various types and sizes. The casing is made from recyclable polyimide optical fibers that provide not only an eco-design, but also helps with recycling.

Note: Final configuration subject to need will be priced on request i.e. GPS/LoRaWAN for Mobile Bins

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