Autonomous Control with SpaceSense.Systems (SX3) for Manufacturing.

Today's world demands onsite and virtual access to all business operations - even manufacturing.

Real-time, Continuous Vibration Measuring 24/7 for Immediate Insights.

Today's world demands onsite and virtual access to all business operations - even manufacturing.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations with Wireless Sensors Priced for BOP

icon high resolution data


Industry-leading 90,000 points of data across X, Y, Z axis at 20kHz in six seconds for detailed analysis, exceeding any other sensor on the market.

icon efficient design


State-of-the art technology eliminates the interference and noise by separating the sensor from the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag.

icon autonomous monitoring


Unmanned asset monitoring eliminates the need for manual routes and BLE handheld devices, improving safety, access, data resolution, and productivity. 

icon alert


Real-time monitoring identifies faults before they happen and delivers instant actionable insights instead of relying on historical algorithms.

Industry 4.0 Experience Built on Decades of High End Development

SpaceSense innovations are built on two decades of experience in tracking and monitoring thousands of assets.  Our work within the highly regulated financial and healthcare industries  translates as a Mature Enterprise System backing sensors with Native Direction Adapters. 

That means you get highest quality  healthcare and financial industry security and scalability built on the latest technology, not SQL, at a price point that works for your needs.

Who Uses SpaceSense.Systems?



oil and gas

Oil & Gas







smart cities

Smart Cities





IIoT Intelligence Expanded

Access a complete suite of data across your entire operations with SpaceSense.Systems on your floor.

Wireless sensors applied to all equipment
Sense pressure & vibration metrics
Send data wirelessly to cloud
Data translated into usable format accessible anywhere
Warnings, automated reporting, or custom for application of data

Take the Next Step

Manage your machine assets anytime, anywhere with SpaceSense.Systems, a complete wireless sensor whole plant condition monitoring solution.


IIoT intelligence expanded

Can Your Business Afford to Rely on Historical Trends to Find a Problem?

It was just a handful of years ago when manufacturers embraced a new trend of machine learning using sensors for condition monitoring to help them detect early faults and wear and tear of their assets so they could avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns.
Industry 4.0

Is Your Manufacturing Facility Prepared for Industry 4.0?

The next Industrial Revolution is upon us. You may have heard the terms Industry 4.0, factories of the future, or smart factories, but do you really know what that means? Put simply, Industry 4.0 is the modernization of manufacturing.
The Power of IIoT

The Power of IIoT: Connecting the Dots Between Assets and Data

Now, on our fourth iteration of the Industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 continues to fulfill its mission to modernize manufacturing through increased efficiencies and sustainability by connecting the dots between a company’s physical assets and its data with the help of digital transformation through disruptive technologies.