Join the Industry Leaders with SX3 (SpaceSense.Systems) in the move to drive real value through actionable insights into your daily business.

Driving Digital Transformation

The SX3 digital WABN (Wide Area Bluetooth Network™) IIoT technology stack provides a baseline for managers to gain measurable insights into their asset's facility/companywide/globally, providing significant ROI, based on actual benefits to the plant floor.



SX3 allows plant managers to predict asset health variables, which helps mitigate firefighting, allowing managers to take control and gain more insight into asset health and work order management. This will keep engineers happy and increase satisfaction and job retention of employees.


By allowing engineers actionable insights, you as a manager will see both an increase in production capacity and a lower level of product rejects - that means a higher more reproducible level of quality product leading to increased revenue and a higher level of customer satisfaction.



SX3 can provide valuable insights that contribute to the safety and reliability of the machinery. By predicting flaws and offering solutions, maintenance teams can address problems before they lead to costly downtime or breakdowns.

Logistics Management

Imagine if SX3 could enable a reduction in your spare parts inventory by 25%, with SX3 predictive capability, combined with development of SLA agreements with suppliers, such as the guarantee of specific parts within four weeks and/or pricing for the next day under emergent requirements – together we can achieve significant benefit to your organization. Partner with SX3 to develop your digital performance platform, sales@spacesense.systems.

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