SX3 is changing the manufacturing industry with its one of a kind wireless sensors

SX3 has the highest resolution available and the lowest cost of any complete condition monitoring solution.

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Maximize Uptime

Industry-leading 90,000 points of data across X, Y, Z axis at 20kHz in six seconds for detailed analysis, exceeding any other sensor on the market.

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Improve Operations

Realize better business outcomes from your assets with improved efficiency, plant reliability, production rates, asset lifecycle, and profitability.

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Reduce Mainteanance Costs

Pinpoint potential failures and anomalies before they happen and reduce maintenance costs including parts, labor, and mean time to repair.

Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Digital Transformation Technology

SX3 technology significantly alters the way that manufacturers use sensors today. No one currently offers the depth, scope, speed and quality of vibration and pressure condition based monitoring and predicting of SX3 Technology.

We’re changing the way manufacturer see, use and benefit from wireless sensors. Find out how by speaking with an expert or requesting a trial of your own.

The Best in Sensing Technology

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Lightning Speed Techology

Collects 90,000 bits of data within six seconds, two sweeps a day.

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Provides immediate results with no trending required.

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Extend the Life of
Your Plant

Includes long-lasting battery life for maximum performance.

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Flexible, and fits any surface and location with no wiring required.

Case Studies

SpaceSense Wireless Vibration Sensor Deployment

SpaceSense Wireless Vibration Sensor Deployment

SpaceSense Systems and our partner RE&E were approached about deploying wireless sensors on critical rotating assets in a Pulp & Paper manufacturing facility.

Don’t Make Decisions on “Quality and Production Planning” Based on Insufficient Data

Wondering why even with your periodic handheld data collectors– your ASSETS are still failing in advance of repair. Are you still in reactionary mode instead of Planning outages?

Sense. More.

Simple to Deploy

Wireless, battery-powered true plug-and-play technology is quick and easy to install and configure and the square inch size is easily placed in hard-to-get-to locations.

Excellent ROI

Yield faster ROI by eliminating manual inspections, hand-held device expenses, streamlining parts management, and predicting and preventing catastrophic events.

Low Cost "Balance of Plant"

Cost effective and ease of use allows plant-wide monitoring of all assets, not just the mission critical capital expenditures.

Enhanced Data Diagnostics Capability

Advanced disruptive technology connects the physical and the digital world by tapping into disparate data sources that provide valuable and actionable insights into unseen patterns and trends. 

Take the Next Step

Maximize operation efficiencies and quickly prove ROI with the advanced disruptive technology of SX3.


Wireless Vibration Analytics vs Full Stack IIoT Solutions

Hi team – here are a few short takeaways from my experience in wireless vibration sensor solutions and analytics. There are two types of analytic approaches in WIRELESS rotating vibration data collection. 1st Method ISO – Trending = using calculated data RMS against the ISO green light, orange light / red light values and the…

The SX3 Technology Stack: What to Look For in Your IIoT Solution

The Industrial Internet of Things is loosely used. Your new digital platform should provide you with a wide range of digital transformation opportunities – not just a single sensor or siloed solution. IIoT is by nature designed to provide visibility through decentralized data, providing actionable insights into your business and processes. Too many systems are…

SX3 gateways offer stateless, edge processing, and QOS management for scalable large deployments

In the IIoT world, there are various approaches to sensor data collection, including direct Wi-Fi, direct Cellular, and sensor to gateway. Direct to the internet sensors face challenges such as poor-quality connections and compatibility issues with local cell towers. Wi-Fi sensors can be difficult to maintain in large industrial environments, and there is limited Quality…