In the IIoT world, there are various approaches to sensor data collection, including direct Wi-Fi, direct Cellular, and sensor to gateway.

Direct to the internet sensors face challenges such as poor-quality connections and compatibility issues with local cell towers.

Wi-Fi sensors can be difficult to maintain in large industrial environments, and there is limited Quality of Service (QOS) for sending jobs or data to the internet over cellular/Wi-Fi direct.

SpaceSense.Systems SX3 gateways are stateless and managed through edge processing, QOS management, and cloud load balancing and redundancy.

There are three types of common deployments: online gateways, off-line gateways, and stateless gateways.

Online gateways do not have QOS management, no redundancy, and no dynamic job scheduling.

Off-line gateways schedule jobs for sensors and send data to a local network endpoint, while stateless gateways (as per the SX3 technology stack) manage jobs across all gateways, providing complete redundancy, load balancing and include edge processing QOS. This type of solution allows for a scalable large deployment with built in redundancy to deliver high resolution full spectrum data efficiently and effectively to the end point data engine.

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