Not sure where the week has gone – talking to some of our SX3 customers and noticed the message is slowly getting out there. If you have an IIoT system, it may be just like everything else in the USA and simply be another siloed solution.

Take wireless vibration monitoring for example – where vibration sensors are placed on all assets in a plant to monitor asset health autonomously – then to support this solution vendors are using either direct to sensor Wi-Fi or Cellular, or they are deploying an IoT gateway which gathers data over Bluetooth from the sensors.

Mostly the individual sensors are mapped to a singular gateway and there is little in the way of technology at said gateway. This is where SX3 provides a complete technology stack instead of a siloed solution.

SX3 WABN™ is a Wide area Bluetooth Network which is deployed using stateless long range Bluetooth gateways (up to 2000ft between nodes).

By layering this SX3 WABN™ across you plant and your whole organization, you now have a real IIoT networking solution.

Rather than utilizing it just for i.e. vibration sensor monitoring – why not leverage this investment and track all kinds of telemetry data from your organization – some of these include – Staff Safety management – mobile asset management – production OEE management – on site transport trucks or conveyor production outputs.

Industry 4.0 and Sensor management can be combined to achieve greater visibility in providing actionable insights into your overall production and supply chain effectiveness.

If you are thinking about an IIoT solution think what else can it do – if you have installed the SX3 (SpaceSense.Systems) sensor and gateway network and are not taking advantage of the investment in the SX3 WABN™ then give us a call, we will help your vendor and get involved with discussions on how we can facilitate these additional benefits against real world business needs in big data / Ai/ML and NLP.

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