Eliminating Manual Inspections & Measurement Expenses

Eliminating Hand-held Device Expenses

Contractors & people on site

Extending the life of plant

Fix before failure

Employee Safety OH&S

Reducing Lost Production

Significantly Reduce Unplanned Outages

Manual Data Collection VS. SpaceSense SX3 for 350 assets


For a single vibration engineer to manually collect data from 350 assets, it would 2.5 manhours walking between assets at 15 minutes per asset. That equates to a minimum of 21 days and does not include the actual analyzation of the data.


SpaceSense SX3 wireless sensors will collect data from 350 assets twice a day, every day to detect the slightest anomaly and sends a fault alert to the maintenance team for remote diagnostics. Accurate cause analysis made possible with the high resolution SX3 Wireless Vibration Sensor.

Other Factors

Downtime: Roughly 82% of companies that have experienced unplanned downtime over the past three years have experienced outages that lasted an average of 4 hours, with a price tag of an estimated 2 million dollars.

With the goal of the SX3 autonomous wireless vibration sensor to eliminate unplanned downtime for rotating equipment, as well as reduce the inventory budget, increase machine life, reduce emergency roll outs, and reduce manual inspections and liability concerns, the cost difference is minimal and the benefits and efficiency of the SX3 Sensor is far superior. When considering all of this, a return on investment can be realized in the first year.