Hardware and Manufacturing

Triaxial 20kHz sensor per X,Y & Z axis + temperature +/-400g

Full Spectrum Data sampled for 6 seconds providing a combined 360,000 data points in a single sample using the highest quality Triaxial sensor collection 30,000 data records per X, Y, Z Axis at 20 kHz we then down sample to 5kHz.

The OQS patented method accurately measures the electro-chemical properties of the oil at a molecular level.

This is achieved by using a very high frequency AC current to accurately measure the ratio between conductance and capacitance of the oil, giving an extremely high level of sensitivity to all common oil wear mechanisms and contaminations with exceptional temperature stability and repeatability.

he sensor is configured with an electro-chemical fingerprint, as the oil changes, the fingerprint of the oil also changes, and these minute differences are detected by the OQS.

SX3 WABN™ SX3 Wide Area Bluetooth Network™
SX3 LiteDeploy™


Long Range Bluetooth up to 2000ft between nodes
Wireless Controller
Global Data Orchestration
Augmenting Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Companies
Spanning Organizations - Facilities and Countries

Relax! No more manual routes needed.

Let SX3 do the "running" around for you.

We use real-time data to autonomously identify fault modes.

The SpaceSense.Systems (SX3) Environmental Monitoring Sensors analyze temperature, temperature humidity, and pressure temperature, leaving no room for error.

Optimize your manufacturing operations with our disruptive digital transformation technology.

SpaceSense innovations are built on two decades of experience in tracking and monitoring thousands of assets. That means you get the highest quality product built on the latest technology at a price point that works for your needs. SX3 also provides solar solutions for remote locations. Benefits include onboard cellular and automated carrier selection for T-Mobile, ATnT and Verizon.

SpaceSense Systems is revolutionizing the way industrial organizations monitor the health of their motors and equipment. For years, SpaceSense has been helping organizations worldwide improve production efficiency, minimize equipment downtime and achieve greater cost savings. SX3 provides Voltage Transducer Interface Device Powered 9v to 24vDC and SX3 Communication Edge Processing Device, along with a 3 Phase Configuration.

Our industry-leading wireless sensors for IIoT are simple to deploy, low-cost, reliable, accurate, safe and secure, and lay the groundwork for operations personnel to learn from real-time insights to solve their biggest asset challenges—before they happen.

Working directly with our clients, we expertly customize an IIoT solution to connect the dots between a plant’s physical assets and its data to help industries stay competitive and efficient.

Access a complete suite of data across your entire operations with SpaceSense.Systems on your floor.

  • Wireless sensors applied to all equipment
  • Sense pressure & vibration metrics
  • Send data wirelessly to cloud
  • Data translated into usable format accessible anywhere
  • Warnings, automated reporting, or custom for application of data