Relax! No more manual routes needed. Let the SX3 do the 'running' around for you. We use real-time data to autonomously identify fault modes.

The SpaceSense.Systems (SX3) Wireless Vibration Sensors’ advanced technology allow for 6-second continuous waveforms to be transmitted back to the cloud, producing 11,700 lines of spectral solution per XYZ axis, totaling 90,000 data points and 1,950 Hz FMAX, leaving no room for error. SX3 Design Studio is an enterprise architecture with edge computing and a long range BLE5 up to 3,280 feet.

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Autonomosu Monitoring Graphic

Waveform of gearbox with a broken tooth on a gear. Note the impact events as the tooth comes into mesh.

High resolution view of a 6-second sample
FMAX 1950 Hz - FMIN 3Hz


Corresponding FFT with harmonics of the gearmesh frequency.