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It was just a handful of years ago when manufacturers embraced a new trend of machine learning using sensors for condition monitoring to help them detect early faults and wear and tear of their assets so they could avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns.

The basic notion of condition monitoring is the measurement of vibration and heat, for instance, from rotating machinery like pumps, compressors, fans, turbines, etc., which signals when an anomaly is taking place, and then routinely takes readings to detect trends in performance.

Much of the sensor measurements relied on historical trending data to build context to help manufacturers better understand how their assets performed in the past and how they might predict future events. However, trending, or historical data posed some limitations.

There is a critical lag time when waiting on historical data to trend to find a problem, which means the asset can fail in that timeframe.

Modern condition monitoring sensor technology allows for Captured Real Time Condition measurements and can detect faults or failures as, when or even before they happen—not after the fact and not based on historical trending.

The SX3 Disruptive, Real-time, Wireless condition monitoring technology now can deliver much needed actionable insights so manufacturers can take a proactive approach to their predictive maintenance programs.

Many benefits include:

  • Improves productivity
  • Extends asset life cycles
  • Increases up time
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs
  • Improves energy consumption
  • Improve greenhouse footprint
  • Protect staff from COVID exposure with less non-personnel roaming the stie

Reduce OHS events and claims but, in order to detect different patterns of asset abnormalities in their early stages, data must be precise, detailed, and high resolution—higher resolution than most of the existing wireless older technologies can perform. That’s why using the proper condition monitoring high resolution sensor delivers the best results.

SpaceSense.Systems’ SX3 sensor platform and disruptive software-connected system offers industry-leading data resolution with 20kHz sample rate disseminated down to  90 points of data, 30,000 lines (per X,Y,Z Axis)  @5kHz per second for a duration of six seconds, exceeding any other wireless sensor on the market. SX3 offers pinpoint accuracy from the start of a bearing failure down to a loose bolt on the floor (Soft-Foot). The detail and accuracy of the high-resolution data empowers personnel to respond immediately to a problem before production or asset damage can occur.

The wireless, battery-operated SX3 triaxial vibration with temperature sensor, due to its small formfactor, the sensor component  can easily mount to any rotating machinery and can be placed in remote and hard-to-access locations, as close to the bearing as possible. The SX3 wirelessly transmits waveforms of the single six-second data sweep to the SX3 Gateway for autonomous, monitoring, processing and remote viewing.

SX3 continuously analyzes vibration data for any condition that may cause the asset damage or reduce its performance.

In addition to vibration, the SX3 monitors and analyzes temperature data and alerts personnel when a threshold has been exceeded.

Per older style wireless systems, manufacturers cannot afford to rely on just historical data for predictive maintenance. SpaceSense Systems’ disruptive SX3 Wireless sensor and enterprise solution offers distinct, industry leading advantages: in both technologies, capability, and price.

  • Highest data resolution in the industry
  • Enhanced data diagnostics capabilities
  • No Manual Sampling
  • Autonomous monitoring and reporting options
  • Costs far less than the industry standard

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